I am curious about understanding people and their stories. What the body needs in order to perform everyday tasks. For me, as a creator, mover, artist, athlete, and human. I wonder about the limits we experience in the body. Physically and emotionally, extreme and minimal. I am intrigued by the physically demanding, along with the subtleties of life. Pushing the boundaries, to the simple shifts. Noticing the importance to have both, and everything in between. My work strives to share and transfer the exploration of these experiences to the viewers and movers.

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Equinox - Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - October 2018-present

Dancers Edge Studio - Macomb, Michigan - 2013-present

Wayne State University - Detroit, Michigan - 2014-2019

Recent Performance Experience

Year & Show Choreographer(s) Location

2019 Detroit Dance City Festival, Detroit Institute of Arts Detroit MI - Rebecca Wright

2019 ConteXture Dance Detroit Communitas, Andy Arts Center Detroit MI - Tracy Halloran

2019 Detroit Dance Exchange, Detroit MI - ConteXture Dance Detroit, Tracy Halloran

2019 Eisenhower New Dance Fest, Rochester MI - Bailey Allshouse

2018 B12 Dock 11, Berlin Germany- Shannon Gillen

2017 Michigan Dance Council, Detroit MI - Bailey Allshouse

2017 ACDA East Central  Conference Gala, Ohio - Bailey Allshouse

2017 Hubbard Street Summer Intensive Los Angeles, USC Kaufman - Penny Saunders/Pablo Escobar

2015 Firebird Detroit Medical Orchestra Detroit School of Arts - Ron De Jesus

2015 IABD Aaron Smith Playhouse Square

2015-2018 WSU Spring Concert, Detroit MI - Meg Paul/Liz Schmidt/Aaron Smith

2015 & 2016 Complexions Summer Intensive, Detroit MI - Desmond Richardson/Dwight Rhoden

2014-2016 WSU December Concert, Detroit MI - Trey McIntyre/Meg Paul/Liz Schmidt/Aaron Smith/Bailey Allshouse


ConteXture Dance Detroit - Detroit, Michigan 2019

Stott Pilates - Mat & Reformer 2014-  2019

Dance Italia - Lucca, Italy August 2018

B12 - Berlin, Germany June-July 2018

Wayne State University - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Detroit, Michigan 2014-2018

Gaga/Ate9 Workshop - August 2017

Hubbard Street Summer Intensive - Los Angeles, California June 2017

Hubbard Street Spring Intensive - Chicago March 2017

Summer Dance Sessions - Massachusetts July 2012 & July 2016

Complexions Summer Intensive - Detroit Michigan June 2015 & June 2016

Studio Experience - Michigan 1999-2014

Arts Academy in the Woods - Michigan 2012-2013